The Golden Age of Porn

This is a Sexually Correct section that is devoted to the classic golden age of porn adult film entertainment from a period beginning in 1972 (with the release of Deep Throat - early 70's) to approximately the late eighties  (the conversion to the "shot on  video" era - late 80's). Some would argue a shorter time span, but within this time frame. It is called the Golden Age of Porn (or classic movies period) because adult movies released during this period of time were of a unique quality as noted by the following:

1. Adult movies from the Golden Age of Porn were shot on film stock - many times 35mm. which allowed filmmakers of the day to achieve a quality that has never been equaled since that time. Additionally many classic films of the day had interesting storylines and stronger character development for the actors and actresses who appeared in the films.

2. Sexual experimentation was the norm during the Golden Age of Porn. Movies featuring Deep Throat, Fisting, Double Fisting, Double Insertions, Peeing, Enema's, Self-Fellatio and just about anything one could imagine was tried out with the only limitation being in finding people who could perform the particular act onscreen.  

3. The Golden Age of Porn featured the pioneers of the adult industry. Famous classic female leads like Marilyn Chambers, Seka, Linda Lovelace, Serena, Linda Lovelace, Constanace Money, Bambi Wood, Jennifer Wells and Annette Haven are as well known today as when they burst unto the porn scene back in the seventies. Some actresses of the Golden Age of Porn, such as Nancy Suiter (shown below) only made a few classic adult features before moving on to mainstream films, 


4. And equally interesting, is that the classic period came before the advancement of cosmetic surgery.  What we saw during the golden age of porn was, for the most part, real bodies of all types on the screen and fans of adult films learned to appreciate an actress for their enthusiasm for sex and ability to perform, rather than simply the size of their breasts.  

So return with us to the Golden Age of Porn as we give you EXCLUSIVE high-quality video-caps from all the classic movies of that period such as Deep Throat, Insatiable, Candy Strippers, Misty Beethoven and many more along with photo galleries and information on the adult stars that appeared in that period. It is a period of time that will never be equaled and will always be treasured by adult movie connoisseurs worldwide. Please Note all vid-caps shown on this Golden Age of Porn tour section are censored because they are on the free tour. Members area is NOT censored.



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