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Star OOPS Background: Actress Mira Sorvino has shockingly claimed some top Hollywood stars make love for real during movie sex scenes.  She says, "Actors have proper sex in films. It does happen now and again, and other actors tell me that it does. I do believe that it happens. One actress told me she had made love during a very popular film. These people would not lie about their experiences."

With that statement from Ms. Sorvino, we introduce our newest section called star OOPS which is exactly what the name says. Star OPPS is devoted to various stars who have been explicitly exposed on film or in photos doing more than they ever intended.  Some of these people are legendary while others just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However it's happened, if it's posted to the net, we'll have it here for you to enjoy on Star "OOPS".. 

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee
 We begin with the now famous  Pamela Anderson Lee  and Tommy Lee "OOPS" Stolen Home Tape pictures. You've read or heard about these everywhere, but now you can see them for yourself in clear sharp detail as Pam & Tommy lead off our "Star OOPS" section..

Brinke Stevens and Linnea Quigley
Perhaps the two most famous "scream queens" of the horror movie genre. They have appeared together in five movies, but none that show anything like these star OOPS photos taken by Brinke's hubby for their personal enjoyment. This is a full blown  lesbian scene complete
Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Certainly one of the biggest radio personalities on the air today, ultra moralist Dr. Laura Schlesinger is a star by any standard and so quite a few heads were turned when  an old boyfriend disclosed that he had some nude pictures of her which put her in our Star OOPS section.
Tonya Harding
Tonya Maxine Harding was born with blue eyes, blonde hair and full of piss and vinegar. This is the girl that single handily made Figure Skating one of the most popular spectator sports in America. She deserves a special place in our "Star OOPS" section.
Paula Jones
She first burst on the scene when she told the story of how then Governor Clinton sexually harassed her in his hotel room. She professed innocence but posed for some nude photos. Welcome to our "Star OOPS" section..    
Jane March
Jane is well known to American audiences for her hot roll in "The Color of Night", but 3 years before that (when she was only 18) Jane made an even hotter film called "The Lovers". We recently discovered a  Star OOPS insertion
Gina Paluzzi
In 1972, Harry Novak made a less than memorable film called "The Pig Keeper's Daughter" which starred Gina Paluzzi. The one thing that stands out in this hillbilly heaven film is that it features an "star OOPS" insertion scene with Gina Paluzzi who played Mrs. Molly Swiner.-
Shannon Tweed
Playmate Shannon Tweed has never been shy in her 70 plus movie appearances, but one film in particular features a "star OOPS" scene that shows an insertion. The 1998 movie is called "Singapore Sling" (aka Scandalous Behavior) and featured a scene where Shannon is sitting
Janine & Vince Neil
Well, not all  Star OOPS scenes have to be from legitimate movies. Here we have a home movie that got pirated and became famous for what it did show which was just about everything from a famed lesbian and a rocker.
Adrienne Larussa
I can hear all of you saying - who is Adrienne Larussa? And I wouldn't blame you one bit. She began her acting career appearing in soap operas and eventually landed a role in the movie "The Man Who Fell To The Earth". Adrienne did have a memorable "star OPPS" scene.
Qi Shu
This month we feature an award winning actress who has made over 48 movies to date including the popular "Transporter" last year. the beginning, Qi Shu, then known as Hsu Chi did some modeling...some very explicit modeling. Welcome to our Star OOPS section!
Brigitte Bardot
One of the most generation defining woman in show business, Brigitte Bardot is famous for her movie nude scenes, but never did she think that the spread leg, explicit pictures taken of her early in her career would come to light 50 years later. welcome to our star OPPS!
Amber Frey
Perhaps no modern murder case has attracted more attention than the brutal homicide of Laci Peterson. The key witness against her husband Scott was Amber Frey.  And as luck would have it, it turns out that Amber had "star OPPS" done some nude modeling...
Gena Lee Nolan
Well, for months and months we've been hearing rumors that Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolan had done a private at-home hardcore tape with her husband. Then, guess what showed up on the net - star OOPS!
Severina Vuckovic
Once again a star gets caught appearing in a home sex tape. In this case one of Europe's most popular singers Severina Vuckovic has a private sex tape stolen from her home.  The 11 minute tape "star OOPS" leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination and we have it.
Mimi MacPherson
It seems as if each month we feature another star who has made a home sex tape but where did it all begin? Well, it all began in the early nineties with an Australian model who is the sister of Elle MacPherson.  She made a home sex tape and "OOPS"we've got eight video clips.
Aylar Kianati Lie
What happens when you're a contestant in a beauty contest and they find out you're done porn in your past? Well, Aylar just told them it was her sister. No problem except she didn't have a sister. What a tangled web we weave when first we tell a lie about our past. OOPS!   
Cindy Margolis
For years she bragged that she was the most downloaded pin-up model on the net. She also claimed she had never done any nude modeling and AOL bought it and promoted her on their service. But guess what...another Star OPPS!
Ingvid Engesland
There are few things more beautiful than naked female world class athletics. In this case a downhill skier who took it all off and now is shocked to find that the world has noticed her. OOPS,,,she didn't plan ahead.

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