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We have accumulated a vast library of genuine EXPLICIT stars exposed images. Each month we post new stars exposed photo sets featuring name actresses, models,  stars or newsworthy woman either performing hardcore sex or being explicitly exposed to the camera. Enjoy "Stars Exposed" and visit our "Star OOPS".

Michelle Bauer
There probably isn't a more famous scream queen than  Michelle Bauer who's appeared in over 97 films. However many of us remember Michelle when she appeared under the name of Pia Snow in porn films as Bad Girls and Cafe Flesh.   She definitely belongs in our Stars Exposed section.

Maruschka Detmers
The first time a respected name actress performed fellatio on the silver screen in a mainstream movie and this earned her a place in our stars exposed section. The highest quality, scene-by-scene vid-caps of Maruschka Detmers in Devil in the Flesh. Plus more bonus movie vid-caps of Ms. Detmers.

Caroline Ducey
Caroline Ducey aka Caroline Trousselard has appeared in 5 movies with the most famous being "Romance", a 1999  movie that featured her performing fellatio on screen. This earned her a special place in our Stars Exposed section.

Kristine DeBell
Perhaps the most beloved underground actress of all time is Kristine DeBell who has had an impressive career in Hollywood appearing in such classsic movies as The Main Event and Meatballs. But way back when her career first began in 1976, Kristine earned her place in our Stars Exposed.

Eiko Matsuda
In 1976, a movie was released called "In The Realm of the Senses" which shocked the film world with it's graphic sex scenes including oral sex, a facial cum shot and even an egg being inserted into and dispelled from the actresses vagina. Eiko officially earned her place in our "stars exposed" section.

Carole Laure
Carole Laure was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She began her career as a schoolteacher, however the draw towards acting was strong for her and in 1971 she made her first movie. Since then Carole has appeared in over 39 movies. And she's even worked her way in our "Stars Exposed" section.  

Elvira, the busty mistress of the dark, and fulltime horror show hostess wasn't always a household name. In fact, her real name is Cassandra Peterson and she was born in Manhattan, Kansas and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and she deserves to be in Stars Exposed.

Heidi Fleiss
She's been called the "Hollywood Madam" and was at the center of scandal that set Hollywood insiders scrambling for cover and fueled tabloid papers everywhere. Heidi Fleiss,  at age 27, belongs in our "Stars Exposed" section.

Amanda Ooms
Oh, is there no limit to the number of legitimate actresses who will perform fellatio onscreen. Well, we certainly hope not. In this case, we have Amanda Ooms, an actress of some note who appeared in her first movie in 1986, Since then, she has worked hard to get listed in our "Stars Exposed" section.

Sarah Bellomo
Sarah is one of the many actresses in Hollywood who got her first work in porn films. She was born in Burbank, California in September, 1974 and got her first acting job in the 1992 porn flick "Justine" (aka Nothing To Hide II). We have 8  vidcaps
that verify that Sarah belongs in our "Stars Exposed" section.

Oh...what a woman. The Material Girl was born in 1958 as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone in Michigan. She moved to New York in 1977 with just $30.00, a suitcase and some very big dreams. Over the next twenty years she defined a generation and earned our "stars exposed" photos.

Kira Reed
For those of you who don't know Kira Reed, she was born  in Louisville, Kentucky.  She eventually ended up in Hollywood appearing in over 34 movies between 1993 to the present time.  And while all of that bio is very interesting it doesn't begin to tell the story of this super hot babe

Deborah Caprioglio
From Italy, comes one of the most stunning woman in films today.  She has appeared in over 14 films from 1988 to the present time and during that time, she's made two highly memorable films - "Paprika, Life in a  Brothel"  and "The Smile of the Fox". She belongs in our "Stars Exposed" area.

Taimie Hannum
For those who watch late night cable TV stations such as Cinemax or Showtime, you'll be sure to recognize Taimie Lynn Hannum who has appeared in over 15 movies in the last four years. But you've never seen Taimie doing hardcore before, you will our "stars exposed" section.

Yuliya Mayarchuk
From Russia comes yet another breathtaking beauty - Yuliya Mayarchuk. She made quite a name for herself in modeling, but when she was cast by Tinto Brass, the Italian maestro  you just knew we were going to love the finished product, in this case a movie called "Trasgredire".. welcome to "stars exposed".

Kerry Fox
Kerry was born on July 30, 1966 in Wellington, New Zealand. Sshe has appeared in 24 movies in the next 13 years and one film features a very explicit fellatio scene  Which we believe earns her a special place in our "stars exposed" section.

Cristina Garvaglia
Cristina is one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on the silver screen. In 1993 she played Fausta, the lead actress in "The Voyeur".  This is one of the most erotic mainstream movies ever made  and earned Cristina a special place in our Stars Exposed section.

Claudia Koll
Claudia has been appearing in movies for the last ten years, but in the beginning, this Italian beauty appeared as the lead in a mainstream movie called "All Women Do It". Needless to say, audiences saw all there was to see of Ms. Koll including some very hot scenes of an actor playing with her...

Monique Gabrielle
A legend in the hot body group of "b" movie stars, Monique was born in Kansas City, Missouri, She began her career at the age of nineteen as a Penthouse Pet. Since that time, she's appeared in over 48 movies including her most famous appearance as the nude party girl in "Bachelor Party"

Katarina Vasilissa
In 1993 Tinto Brass made a filmed called "The Voyeur" and many people consider it a masterpiece of erotica. The movie starred two women - one of them being  Katarina Vasilissa who had some explicit scenes and who was memorable in her

Florence Guerin
Having appeared in over 23 movies between 1982 and 2000, Florence Guerin has established herself and one of the leading actresses in the French cinema. She has never been shy about showing her body, but one film "Le Declic" (The

Monique Parent
We are pleased to add to our star gallery, one of the most popular "B" movie actresses in Hollywood. Monique has appeared in over 69 movies in the last eleven years but none show what you'll see in our scans of Monique going

Gail Harris
Also known as Robyn Harris, Gail has appeared in over 36 movies from 1985 through 2001. Gail has not been shy in any of her movie appearances, but she also never did anything explicit. We recently discovered some very explicit photos of her from her early modeling career which deserve a place...

Sophie Favier
 Sophie appeared in 5 movies between 1981 and 1996 with her most famous being "Venus" and "Frank and I".  However the real talent of Ms. Favier is in her nude modeling work where   she is not shy about spreading her legs and doing explicit posing.

Julie Strain
One of the most famous "B" actresses in Hollywood having appeared in over 84 movies. We recently found a girl/girl vidcap of a movie Julie doesn't list on her resume and it has  an insertions scene which moves Julie into our hardcore

Jewel Shepard
One of the real "jewels" of "b" movie actresses, Jewel Shepard has long been seen as the sexy girl next door in many late night movies. But we found something special in a photo set with Jewel and a large snake that will leave nothing to your imagination puts her in our  Stars Exposed section.

Charlotte Alexandra
Charlotte is featured in two scenes from early in her career -  - "A Real Young Girl" and "Immoral Tales". In the former she completely exposes her pussy in a close-up to the camera and in the latter she has a close encounter with a cucumber.

Carole Davis
Carole was born in London, however at one time or another she has lived in Scotland, France, Hawaii, and Cambodia. In 1976 she posed for Playboy and went on to become a Penthouse Pet in January 1980 under the name of Tamara Kapitis. Since then she has appeared in 16 movies and

Jennifer Leone
In the past year, Jennifer has had small parts in two big movies - "Not Another Team Movie" and "Van Wilder". Now you're probably asking what's that got to do with being exposed. Well, since you asked, before she took the stage name of Jennifer Leone, she was known as Jesse Capelli who

Elisabetta Cavallotti
Elisabetta was born in Bologna, Italy in 1967. She has appeared in 14 movies to date and is a legitimate mainstream Italian actress. Recently she appeared as Nina in the 1999 film "Guardami" which was inspired by the life of hardcore

Renee Soutendijk
Paul Verhooven has become quite a famous director in America for his classics like "Basic Instinct". But before then, he was making erotic films in Europe including one called "Spetters" which starred Renee Soutendijk.

Ruth Gabriel
Ruth Gabriel started at the top. Her first movie in 1994 titled "Dias contados", won her the Goya (Spain's equivalent of an Oscar) for best new actress. As luck would have it, Ms. Gabriel is the type of actress that puts everything she has

Jacqueline Lovell
From time to time we've been able to present to you actresses who started out doing hardcore and changed their names as they found work in legitimate movies. This month, once again we feature one such actress named Jacqueline

Paz Vega
Paz Vega is an actress who has appeared in fourteen movies from 1997 to 2003. Several of them were very interesting including the 2001 "Lucia y el sexo" which is the movie where she strokes a cock on screen which earned her a place in our Stars Exposed section.

Beatrice Valle
Beatrice Dalle is a fascinating actress who seems to get in more trouble in her private life than in public. Convicted of (among other things) kicking the shit out of a meter maid for ticketing her car in 1998. But what really interests us is her

Stefania Sanderelli
This edition we feature an actress who has appeared in over 100 movies. Our favorite is "The Key" which as made in 1983 (her 41st. film) and featured many explicit images of Stefania throughout the movie. In addition she also has a

Ken Park
This movie is important because although it was released in 2002, it has yet to appear in America even though it is an American production. Why? you may ask. Well, because to date no-one has the guts to distribute it in its original cut.

We're pleased to be able to feature the latest Tinto Brass un-cut release of Senso 45. The Maestro is a favorite of all Sexually Correct members because of his frank presentation of erotic subject matter. He doesn't disappoint in this circa 1945 war so we put it in our Stars Exposed section.

Kitana Baker
She burst onto the scene with her catfighting commercial for Miller Lite Beer. But before her TV appearances there was a movie called "Model Solution" and before that some very explicit glamour photos which show every stunning  inch her.

Anna Ammirati
1999 proved to be a banner year for a variety of reasons including the release of "Frivolous Lola" starring Anna Ammirati in this Tinto Brass classic love story. The stunning Miss Ammirati shows us everything worth seeing. Wow!

Raffaella Ponzo
American audiences may be familiar with Raffaella from seeing her in "Gangs of New York". Italian audiences  are  familiar with Raffaella having first seen her in "Corpo dell'anima" but nobody expected her to do a hardcore oral sex scene in a Tinto Brass's movie.

Francesca Neri
Francesca has appeared in 27 movies with her most famous being a 1990 UK production called "Edades de lulu, Las" which in English means "The Ages of Lulu". It certainly not the only movie in which Francesca is exposed but there is a pubic hair shaving scene that is quite nice and quite a few

Diana Espen
Diana Espen is joining the parade of movie actresses who do both hard and soft core movies using different names. Most of the audience who sees Diana on her cable oriented erotic movies have no idea she does hard core movies also.

Laredana Cannata
Why is it all the hot new babes of the silver screen come from Italy? Well, maybe they don't all come from Italy, but many do and this issue we feature Laredana Cannata who began her acting career in 1999 by licking her co-stars cock.

Sara Cosmi
Sara appeared in "Fallo" and fortunately for us, there are a ton of explicit gyno shots in this movie, some great ass shots as is Tinto Brass's trademark and at one point Sara even gives us a hot and wet oral sex scene. What a girl....

 What would you say if we told you that there is a all girl rock band that actually pisses in the mouth of some members of their audience? Or that they fist-fuck a woman on stage during their act? How about going down on each other? Meet RockBitch.... Bonus - 3 Rockbitch Videos!

Jenna Lewis
Well, if she wasn't a star before the release of her home porno tape, she sure is now. Jenna Lewis finished eighth on "Survivor: Borneo" and has since landed a re-occurring role on the "Nash Bridges" tv show.  But wait until you see the six videos we have of her including some great head. WOW!

Patricia Davis Reagan
Patricia Davis, the daughter of Nancy Reagan, the wife of ex-president Ronald Reagan, was at one time an actress who  appeared nude in a "b" movie. We feature Patti nude in stills and showing everything including a lesbian encounter and some gorgeous erect nipples in four very hot video clips.

Abi Titmuss
Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Gena Lee Nolan, Severina Vuckovic, Jenna Davis and now - Abi Titmuss.  All have appeared in home sex tapes and all of the tapes have found their way to the net. This time we look at Abi - With Video Clips in our star exposed section.

Susan Blakely
Before Sharon Stone, before anyone there was Susan Blakely who had the courage to show her pussy on film in a mainstream movie. She was the first to do it and she deserves as much adulation as we can put on her. With video clips of her famous role

Amber Newman
In the last eight years she's appeared in over 30 movies but none of them feature Amber the way you'll see her on this expose. Dildos, peeing, bondage, this girl is our kind of gal and she did all of this before her movie career. Wow..

Carrie Tucker
I don't know how long this star home sex tape fad is going to last but I sure am enjoying it so far. This time we feature Carrie Tucker who was Miss New York and went on to be a finalist in the 2000 Mis USA Pagent.  Miss Tucker sort of disappeared, but she's back...

Katia Golubeva
In 2003, a film called 29 Palms was released and it featured two people traveling across the desert. This couple spent most of their time making love. Katie leaves nothing to the imagination and even gropes some cock.

Chloe Sevigny
Well, we've been waiting to see this movie since it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Since then it's be re-cut and released to select area in the country. But..the blow job scene with Chloe is in tact and we have it!

Joanie Laurer
Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the pro wrestler who was recently seen in a pictorial in Playboy Magazine appears in a home sex tape with Sean Waltman aka X-Pac, another "famous" pro wrestler. Joanie displays many sexual talents.

Mimi Rogers
It's hard to believe we've been on the net for over 5 years and haven't yet featured Mimi Rogers. Well, we're going to correct that this month. This is Mimi like you've never seen her, full frontal at age 48 and in five different video clips.

Margot Stilley
Here we go again...another mainstream movie that shows explicit sex scenes including insertion masturbation, oral sex and intercourse. This time American model Margot Stilley gives a bravo performance in the new UK movie 9 songs.

Lina Romay
From 1972 to 2005, Lina Romay has made 111 movies and many of them are classics. Teaming with her live in partner - director Jess Franco who's not at all shy about casting his girlfriend in some hardcore scenes.

Catherine Wilkening
She's made 39 movies to date and while she has done her fair share of nude scenes, nothing even comes close to this movie which features her doing a backward crab walk with her legs wide open for the camera. Yummy...

Severine Caneele
She burst onto the movie screen in 1999 in the classic film "L'Humite" in which she was featured doing a open leg spread shot that was worth the price of admission.

Cinzia Roccaforte
Cinzia Roccaforte's first movie was P.O.Box Tinto Brass and like most Tinto Brass films, this one doesn't leave much to the imagination. Actually while many of Brass's films focus on the derriere, this one actually has a lot of beaver shots of Cinzia

Aylar Kianati Lie
What happens when you're a contestant in a beauty contest and they find out you're done porn in your past? Well, Aylar just told them it was her sister in the porn tapes. No problem except she didn't have a sister. My oh my, what a tangled web we weave when first we tell a lie about our past. OOPS!   
Carrie Tucker
I don't know how long this star home sex tape fad is going to last but I sure am enjoying it so far. This time we feature Carrie Tucker who was Miss New York and went on to be a finalist in the 2000 Mis USA Pagent.  Miss Tucker sort of disappeared from the scene for a few years, but she's back...

Joanie Laurer
Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the pro wrestler who was recently seen in a pictorial in Playboy Magazine appears in a home sex tape with Sean Waltman aka X-Pac, another "famous" pro wrestler. Joanie displays many sexual talents and body parts.

Lina Romay
From 1972 to 2005, Lina Romay has made 111 movies and many of them are classics. Teaming with her live in partner - director Jess Franco who's not at all shy about casting his girlfriend in some hardcore scenes.

The Neri Family
It's not often we get a mother/daughter who are both beautiful actress who aren't afraid to be explicit in front of the camera. But the Neri girls - mom Rosalba and daughter Francesca are...


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