Of course, we all know that the lady shown in the above banner is Marilyn Monroe. We do all know that right? And the reason we picked Marilyn Monroe is because she is the most glamour nude icon from her generation in the world - or at least in English speaking countries. She became an icon because of her love to be seen, photographed and make movies featuring her. In short, she enjoyed sharing her luscious body with us long before the time of the computer and the internet made it an everyday occurrence. But she wasn't alone and that's what this section is all about - the nude glamour girls from the turn of the century from 1900 to about 1980. During this time, many extraordinary and beautiful woman who were brave enough to take it off and pave the road for what we see today. We're going to start with the big three...Monroe, Loran and Bardot.   


Marilyn Monroe 1926 - 1962

Marilyn Monroe - The Early Years as Norma Jean




Marilyn Monroe in the early 50's when she appeared in Playboy

Marilyn Monroe in Various Movies

Marilyn Monroe in Various Photos Including Her Last Photoshoot (Poolside)

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